Zoho CRM Plus — Finally! An Ability to Really Calculate Return-on-Ad-Spend

by Denise Hazime on November 13, 2014


Zoho CRM released a host of new features and functions in the most recent unveiling of Zoho CRM Plus. This new edition of Zoho represents a very exciting time for any small business.

Business owners have wondered for years - are my marketing and advertising dollars actually driving any sales for me? And many have struggled with calculating their Return on Investment for advertising (or Return-on-ad-spend).

Google AdWords is commonly used to track conversion metrics on websites, and even produces reports that suggest ROI for Ad Spend, but if you’re not selling t-shirts on your website, how does Google actually calculate if you got a return or not? Truth is, until NOW - it couldn’t.


For the first time, the marketer in your organization will really love the power Zoho CRM brings his/her job function. No longer will there be manual data comparison, or guesswork involved in evaluating your advertising efficiency, etc. Now, right inside Zoho CRM - you can see all of the relevant conversion data you would otherwise need to pull from your Google AdWords account.


Already a Zoho CRM lover? Just realizing the need for CRM in your business? Talk to us about how we can help you get CRM working to drive transactions and customer engagement in your business today.

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