Zoho Projects Will Change Project Management in Your Business

by Denise Hazime on June 18, 2015

Part of every company’s challenge is getting organized. Clients have custom requests that may go into their file, but not everyone will actually see them. To a growing business, managing logistics for projects can be a challenge without a little help from project management software.

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There are a number of options out there, but finding the right one to match your business needs can be challenging. Some charge a significant amount to add more users, some just don’t have the integration capabilities with your Gmail and other software that you need, and some will only work on certain operating systems.

Zoho Projects is the One Project Management Suite to Rule Them All

Zoho Projects has all of the core functions you need in a project management solution, with full integration with the rest of your Zoho apps and Google Apps. Its main strength is the sheer amount of collaboration that it opens up between your team members and the applications and programs you use in your business. Unlike other solutions, you can easily add vendors and clients to a project so they have a view of what’s going on at a glance, saving your phone calls and emails.

Milestones, Detailed Reporting and Client Tasks Help Keep You on Track

Zoho is an effective tool for both managers and workers. Workers can easily see milestones, which tell them which specific sets of deliverables are due. Managers can use advanced reporting functions, including Gantt charts, to see who is overloaded, who can take on more tasks, and general project progress. This allows managers to be nimble and retask less busy workers to help out overloaded ones on projects, and lets them know how far along everyone is with project progress.

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The ability for clients to track their progress and tasks is undeniably necessary in any project management tool. Clients always have tasks to do with a project, and their needs are rarely considered in project management tools. Client approvals, provision of necessary assets and more can now be taken into account when mapping out a project.

Document Management with Version Control

Stop emailing files back and forth – this can lead to the wrong version of an item being used. With Zoho Project’s document management, everyone will have access to all files being used at any time, with version control ensuring that the latest document is being used for your project. Zoho Project also syncs with DropBox and Google Drive for easy file storage and retrieval.

Document Management with Version Control

Google Apps Integration Keeps You on Top of Tasks and Events

You can export and import your tasks from Gmail to Zoho Projects and ensure that milestones and events are synced to Google Calendar, keeping everything where you need it most.

Google Apps Integration Keeps You on Top of Tasks and Events

Affordable Solution for Project Management

Zoho Projects has all of the features – possibly a few more – than other project management solutions that cost much more money. Pricing is based on the number of projects you have on the go and you can have as many users as you want on any plan. Plans range from free for one project to $80/month for unlimited projects. Between the pricing and its range of features, Zoho Projects is the solution of choice for any business that needs to streamline its logistics process and ensure that deadlines are not missed. If you would like to know more about Zoho, Google Apps or any other solutions that can help your business work smarter, get in touch with one of our consultants today.

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