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Capture & Measure Accurate Real Time Data with Prodoscore

Workers learn where they can improve. Managers can discover and improve on team weaknesses, and HR can receive alerts for at-risk employees. Prodoscore provides deep visibility to your daily workflow that helps you continuously improve your sales process for your whole team, and our machine learning surfaces new opportunities you may have missed.

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The #1 Integration Cloud for CRM and Email Systems

Looking for the most reliable way to sync your CRM and email systems? You’ve found it. Riva ensures CRM adoption by providing transparent integration with Office 365, Exchange, IBM Notes, Gmail/Google Apps, Novell GroupWise, and Marketo. 

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Innovative Relationship Intelligence for SugarCRM

TrustSphere’s Relationship Analytics is a complementary solution designed to work easily and seamlessly as part of your Sugar. It provides previously unavailable levels of insight into the true activity between your organization and your customer/prospects. By analyzing email and voice interactions (never the content, just the interactions) and then automatically pushing the resulting analytics into Sugar, the entire sales management process is transformed.

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Time Series KPIs in SugarCRM

With uMetrics, you can define, capture and visualize Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) inside Sugar. uMetrics adds the unique capability to capture and store KPIs from any Sugar standard or user-defined modules at specific points in time such as daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly periods.

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Introduction to uMetrics

A look at uMetrics, our Sugar add-on that enables you to capture periodic snapshots values of key performance metrics.

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Introduction to Prodoscore

A complete introduction and overview of Prodoscore, the Business Intelligence solution for G Suite.

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Relationship Analytics: More Data Does NOT Equal More Intelligence

How to reliably get current CRM data in, and relevant insights out, within your sales, service, and support processes.

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Relationship Analytics for Sugar Demo

An overview of TrustSphere's Relationship Analytics, a complementary Business Intelligence solution designed to work easily and seamlessly as part of your Sugar.

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Riva Integration for GoldMine: An Overview

How the Riva CRM Integration can directly sync GoldMine to email systems such as Exchange, Gmail and more.

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Riva Integration for Sugar: An Overview

How the Riva CRM Integration can directly sync Sugar to email systems such as Exchange, Gmail and more.

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