InstaHelpAmerica Automates Payment Processing Using SugarCRM

Custom Sugar Functionality has Created Transparency Between Divisions and Improved Customer Service Ratings

InstaHelpAmerica creates laws to protect citizens from third party debt collectors and works with clients to help them negotiate and pay off their debt. InstaHelpAmerica has always used Sugar to manage its customer contact information, but over time has added custom functionality that has created transparency between divisions and automated its entire payments process.

Business Challenges

When InstaHelpAmerica was founded in 2011, the organization deployed Sugar for use as a contact management system. The Attorneys and Client Service Reps at InstaHelpAmerica used the system to store and retrieve contact information. The team knew there was room to expand their use of Sugar and wanted to take advantage of the flexibility offered by its open-sourced platform. They decided to invest further into Sugar in order to start automating manual processes, find innovative solutions to business problems, and create transparency between departments.

The Path to Success

The company designated a Sugar Admin, Omar Glenn, to expand the use of Sugar throughout the company. Glenn, who today is the Assistant Operations Manager at InstaHelpAmerica, determined that there was an opportunity for improvement, starting with the Payments Department which was manually processing thousands of payments each month. Glenn also wasn’t satisfied with the performance of InstaHelpAmerica’s current Sugar partner and felt that it needed to find a partner who would provide a more intimate customer service experience, as well as provide the engineering resources to come up with innovative solutions.

In 2014, InstaHelpAmerica switched to UpCurve Cloud as its Sugar partner, with the goal of automating manual tasks and expanding its use of Sugar to multiple departments in order to increase transparency. Since working with UpCurve Cloud, InstaHelpAmerica has added several workflows and customizations to its system. These changes have contributed to the company’s growth from four to 400 employees and automated their entire payment processing department.

Success Factors

Improved Communication Between Departments

Having a software platform used in all departments of the company has improved communication throughout the entire team. “Sugar has increased transparency for us,” said Glenn. “Before everything was in files, so we wouldn’t have all the information right in front of us. Because of Sugar, we are now able to see everything right in front of us.”

Thorough Partner Selection

InstaHelpAmerica feels that selecting the right partner was a key factor to their success with the Sugar platform. “We found UpCurve Cloud in our evaluation of over 15 companies,” said Glenn. “I felt that all companies probably provided similar services. What I wanted to know was which company would go above and beyond, and be there for us at all time. I got that with UpCurve Cloud.”

"Sugar has allowed us to reduce our payments staff and has eliminated human error in the payments process. It’s more efficient, more resourceful, and a better business structure for the company."

Improved Customer Service

Sugar has allowed InstaHelpAmerica to better serve their customers. Previously, something as simple as an update on the status of a case would require an employee to visit the Documents Department, the Attorneys Office, and the Finance Department. Today, all this information is stored in Sugar. This means that when a customer calls they get the information they need quickly. “We are able to service clients more effectively and in a faster manner,” said Glenn. “Everything we need to help a customer is right in front of us, so phone hold time has been reduced.”

Automated Payment Processing

Before their instance was customized, employees at InstaHelpAmerica were processing client debt payments one at a time. “Each client has a payment schedule based on an installment plan,” said Glenn. “Their payment schedule might be something like $200 a month for 120 months. For each of our 22,000 clients, we would have to schedule payments one at a time. It was very time consuming and we had to have an extremely large payments department to handle that work.”

To automate this process, UpCurve Cloud built an integration between Sugar and seven different credit card processors. This allows InstaHelpAmerica to schedule hundreds of payments at the click of a button, and also see a client’s payment schedule in a visual timeline. “With the integration in place we are able to fill in three fields, generate a payments schedule, hit save, and create 120 payments within seconds,” said Glenn. “It’s allowed us to reduce our payments staff and has eliminated human error in the payments process. It’s more efficient, more resourceful, and a better business structure for the company."

"UpCurve Cloud is the best company I've worked with. When I call, they always know who I am. It feels like we are the only company they are working with."

Omar Glenn, Assistant Operations Manager