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    Truity Credit Union

    “Our numbers have skyrocketed compared to previous years, and it’s mainly because of our Act-On drip campaigns. The first week we went live, we were flooded with hundreds of new credit card applications. That’s a good problem to have.”

    Kyle Dahlgren,
    Assistant VP of eCommerce

    Credit Union + Act-On = Profit

    Truity Credit Union offers a range of financial services, including savings and checking accounts, mortgages, and auto loans. Truity’s members are also its owners; each has a vote and equal ownership in the credit union. Founded in 1939, Truity has branches in Bartlesville, Oklahoma; Lawrence, Kansas; Houston, Texas; and Springdale, Arkansas.

    Challenge: Effective Marketing with the Right Email Technology

    It’s a challenge for small financial institutions to compete with the nationwide players, but credit unions like Truity offer advantages including better rates, fewer fees and a strong service commitment. Making the most of these offerings requires an effective game plan including email marketing, which is still among the most productive marketing methods for any business.

    But Truity simply didn’t have the right tools for effective email marketing. Instead, it had an e-commerce team that was sending out ad hoc promotional email and manually monitoring behaviors. In addition, it sent nonpromotional email notifications directly from its operating system in a text-only format. Without an email management system, Truity did not have detailed tracking or reports.

    “We would send out an email for, say, a credit card offer, then we’d wait X amount of time and look at the reports,” says Kyle Dahlgren, Truity’s assistant vice president of e-commerce. “We would figure out who opened and who didn’t, then we would craft follow-up email, and so on. It was very labor-intensive.”

    Truity needed a better solution – one that would enable its team to easily create attractive and responsive branded email for notifications and promotional email based on recipient behavior and automatically generate follow-up campaigns.

    “Drip campaigns were also something we couldn’t do,” Dahlgren says. “We couldn’t send marketing email automatically on a schedule – one email when someone signs up and another five days later if they didn’t engage. We never had those triggers based on the recipient’s actions, such as signing up for a service.”

    Solution: Easy and Customizable Way to Launch Campaigns and Target Customers

    Truity looked at a number of solutions to help achieve its email marketing goals. It chose Act-On for ease of use, quick customization, real-time performance reporting and analytics, and effective database management.

    With Act-On’s rich functionality, Truity can now segment recipients, customize email and deliver timely and relevant content. When the credit union launches a drip campaign, it simply embeds rules and hits send. Follow-up email tailored to recipient behavior goes out automatically and the campaign runs itself.

    Act-On’s advanced features have also brought sophisticated targeting and higher response rates for the campaigns. For example, Truity can now build email forms that allow recipients to quickly check boxes to indicate their interest in a specific product – a home loan, a credit card, an auto loan, for example. Then the predefined rules deliver the email to the right drip campaign and automate the follow-up.

    These campaigns are quicker and look better. With Act-On, Dahlgren and his team can simply drop text into a branded template and send, where before they had to build every email from scratch in Adobe Dreamweaver.

    “Act-On has been amazing in so many ways,” says Roxy Duncan, Truity’s e-commerce senior interactive designer. “We can segment our members based on their location, the services they use – anything – then send the proper email to each member. And Act-On support has been tremendous. We use the online classes, tutorials and training videos, and they are so helpful. I also love that Act-On constantly updates and improves its product.”

    Benefit: Right Messages to the Right Customers

    Act-On has given a boost to Truity’s digital marketing by targeting recipients with the right message at the right time.

    At informational events, the credit union asks attendees to fill out questionnaires using tablets – gauging their interest in various financial services. Now Truity can create segmented lists based on those responses and provide the correct follow-up email. After one recent event, Truity closed 17 percent of the leads generated, using Act-On after the event to personalize outreach and nurture prospects through the funnel, “which is fantastic,” Dahlgren says.

    Truity has also seen a boost in its credit card campaigns.

    “We did pretty well with those in the past, but now they’re sensational,” Dahlgren says. “Our numbers have skyrocketed compared to previous years, and it’s mainly because of our Act-On drip campaigns. The first week we went live, we were flooded with hundreds of new credit card applications. That’s a good problem to have.”


    • Increased email open rates – from 16 percent to 36 percent
    • Increased conversion rates from events; one campaign closed 17 percent of leads generated
    • Increased campaign response rates with sophisticated targeting

    Before using Act-On technology, Truity email had an 18 percent to 25 percent open rate. Now, the open rate averages around 36 percent and sometimes climbs as high as 54 percent. The click-through rate is a hefty 10 percent.

    “Act-On allows us to punch above our weight in trying to compete with larger financial institutions,” Dahlgren says. “With Act-On, we can stay competitive with the biggest players in the market while continuing to provide the head-turning Truity Credit Union experience.”