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    Avery Dennison

    “Consolidating and automating our marketing with Act-On has saved company revenue, freed up time and people resources, and helped us become more intelligent and agile marketers in the ever-evolving digital landscape for consumers.”

    James Moat,
    Director of Global Digital Corporate Communications

    Getting Leads to Stick with Act-On

    Avery Dennison is a global leader in adhesive technologies and labeling solutions, and their presence in modern life is ubiquitous. Their products are used in everything from clothing and wine bottles, to cars, road signs, and buildings, and in 2016 they brought in more than $6.1 billion in sales.

    With the resources available to an organization of this size, you might think marketing these products would be easy – especially since they were using Act-On. But with all the product teams working independently across nearly 50 offices worldwide, the company wasn’t leveraging the platform effectively because it was being implemented in silos.

    The Challenge

    “Each business unit was managing their own license, and no one had visibility into another group’s campaigns,” said James Moat, Avery Dennison’s Director of Global Digital Corporate Communications. “Not only was it operationally inefficient, it increased the possibility that an approach that failed in one part of the company might unknowingly be repeated in another.”

    The breadth of Avery Dennison’s products presented tactical challenges as well. For example, “Customers looking for vinyl to wrap cars are very different than those who need labels for perishable foods, so our communications had to be highly targeted. And our buying cycles, in some cases, can last up to 1-2 years, which means the campaigns might have to run for long periods of time.” James said. “I needed to streamline how we implemented Act-On, and enhance our ability to deliver sophisticated nurture programs.”

    Centralizing technology is a daunting task, particularly for an enterprise organization like Avery Dennison that had more than 25,000 employees and nearly 50 global websites. But James knew that unifying their approach to digital marketing would unleash Act-On’s full potential, and save the company time and money.

    The Solution

    James’ first step was to consolidate the disparate instances of Act-On into a parent account that gave his corporate team full control over the platform, and child accounts that enabled each business unit to run their own campaigns. This reduced both the cost of the license and the time and personnel required to manage it. It also gave individual groups visibility into the work of their colleagues, while allowing James and his team to monitor and enforce the Avery Dennison brand.

    “Switching to parent/child accounts made us more productive,” James said. “Business units can access each other’s high performing templates, so they don’t have to recreate the wheel. But they can’t modify the designs, so our brand consistency is ensured.”

    James cut costs further by more fully leveraging Act-On’s active contact pricing, a model in which customers pay only for the contacts they use. In the past, a business unit would have to pay extra if they exceeded their monthly number of allotted contacts. Now, if one unit was engaging more buyers, James would simply reallocate contacts from another unit to cover the activity.

    With his marketing operations running more efficiently, James turned his attention to strengthening the company’s lead nurturing by tapping into the potential of Act-On’s automated programs – a powerful part of the platform that none of the business units were using.

    Avery Dennison’s corporate site gets 20x more traffic than its product sites, so James’ team developed a wide range of Act-On forms and placed them on various pages throughout the site. The forms captured leads and funneled them into automated programs that would nurture prospects for six months by sending them relevant content on a regular cadence. The campaigns were highly targeted, and Act-On helped streamline the entire process.

    “Act-On’s user-friendly editor made it easy to create the programs, and the ability to copy and repurpose them saved us a great deal of time,” James said. “Act-On’s reports gave us valuable insight into buyer activity, and its lead scoring and integration with Salesforce enabled us to track and nurture prospects until they were hot enough to hand to sales.”

    The final and perhaps most inspired change James made was to use Act-On as a catalyst for enriching his team. Each month, he gathered Act-On users across the entire enterprise, and had them share what they learned from their recent campaigns. The meetings enabled participants to leverage the success of their peers – everything from a subject line that performed well to a complex strategy that delivered good results.

    “Consolidating and automating marketing with Act-On has saved us revenue, freed up time and people resources, and helped us become more intelligent and agile marketers in the ever-evolving digital landscape for consumers,” James said.

    The Result


    • License consolidation reduced cost by 37%
    • Automated campaigns increased email open rates by 3x
    • Parent/child model and active contact pricing optimized usage across business units

    Avery Dennison received enormous benefits from consolidating their Act-On licenses. “In the first phase, we reduced our costs by 37%,” James said. “And having our corporate team manage the license has freed the business units to focus more on marketing and communications, which is what they do best.”

    Finding new ways to leverage Act-On’s functionality has also delivered big wins. “Act-On’s automated programs have tripled our email open rates, saved us countless hours of labor, and generated so many well-nurtured leads our biggest concern is putting enough staff in place to follow up with them.” James said. “And optimizing our campaigns and regularly sharing best practices have elevated everyone’s work.”

    All these successes are rooted in the most far-reaching gain – a relationship with Act-On that James considers vital to his company’s success. “Act-On is a true partner. Their support is amazing, and their team provides feedback and insight that helps us meet our challenges,” James said. “They’re part of the Avery Dennison family, and just as committed to reaching our goals as we are.”