Better, More Affordable Virtual Digs with UpCurve Cloud and LAER Realty

LAER Realty moves to the Cloud’s Most Desirable Zip Code - G Suite by Google Cloud

LAER Realty Partners, focused on agent independence and collaboration, is New England’s largest independent realty agency, with 300 partner agents in 16 locations, that reach over 50,000 potential buyers.


  • Replace decade-old email system lacking reliability, support, and scalability
  • Maximize agent independence and client support with easy-to-use, easy-to-share communication and collaboration tools
  • Eliminate IT complexity and support costs incurred from installing and maintaining local or hosted email servers

“UpCurve Cloud made sure it was done right the first time – that just doesn’t happen with other technology partners.”


G Suite by Google . Cloud

  • A single source for email, calendars, chat and video, document creation and sharing, and more
  • Always in sync on any device - pc, tablet, or smartphone - and accessible from anywhere
  • Property sale close dates and other events shared in Google Calendar
  • Sales contracts, offers, and other information reviewed using Google Drive
  • Documents created and updated in real time using Google Docs

UpCurve Cloud Implementation

  • Two-week engagement assisting LAER’s one-person IT team for a fast, smooth, disruption-free transition to G Suite
  • Error-free migration of 600 email accounts completed on a weekend
  • Technology support and training for over 300 agents and 600 users
  • Fully customized, easy-to-use administrator portal for creating and updating accounts, resolving issues, configuring settings, and more


  • Access emails and documents in real time from anywhere
  • Get new people and offices up and running within an hour
  • Keep everyone mobile and agile with the latest cloud innovations

“The big difference between us and other real estate firms is that our agents are business partners. They cut red tape and spend more time focused on our clients.”

The Roar that Gets Results

Don’t let the incredible history and stunning beauty of New England fool you, the New England real estate market is a jungle. Over 300 independent agents with a worldwide record of success are making a big roar in that jungle – and making LAER New England’s largest independent realty agency.

Setting Agents Free...

LAER wants its agents connected, informed, and ready to take action wherever they are - with a client, at a property, or even on a flight.

  • Give highly mobile agents easy-to-use apps for anywhere access to email, documents, and contacts
  • Replace unreliable email system with a highly intuitive, more powerful communication and collaboration platform
  • Eliminate admin support, as well as hardware and software costs

”You don’t have to be an IT person to manage G Suite by Google Cloud, everything is very simple and intuitive.”

...With G Suite by Google Cloud

Wherever these real estate lions must roam, G Suite provides the tools they need to win.

  • Receive, edit, create and share emails and documents
  • Share and synchronize calendars
  • Meet virtually to review and finalize paperwork
  • Stay in synch with new offers, pending deadlines, client requests, etc.
  • Avoid costly software purchases like Microsoft Office

Bringing UpCurve Cloud into the Pride

Working virtually from Los Angeles, UpCurve Cloud delivered all of the expertise, services, and training LAER needed in New England.

  • Completed G Suite implementation in two weeks
  • Replaced unreliable, hosted server with Google’s highly-secure global infrastructure (which first launched in 1997)
  • Provided easy-to-use administrative portal that lets one person manage G Suite for the entire company - from the office or on the road
  • Respond to all LAER requests (new employee licenses, support questions, etc.) typically within the hour

"A lot of people think of G Suite by Google Cloud as just email – it’s not just email – it’s everything you need to be independent and mobile. And thanks to UpCurve Cloud, we were up and running in just two weeks."

Lewis Leal,
IT Director