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    Air Animal

    “With GoldMine, we cut down a significant number of time-wasting moments and reduced data errors. Data is entered once, distributed across the various places where we need it, and everyone in the office knows where a client is in the move process.” 

    Dr. Walter Woolf,
    Owner and Founder

    Relocating our Best Friends with GoldMine

    Moving is one of the most stressful events in anyone’s life and it is made much more difficult with pets. Since 1977, Air Animal Pet Movers has helped families relocate with greater peace of mind. From its Tampa, Florida offices, the veterinarian-owned company coordinates the logistics of moving animals across the country and across the ocean.


    From the first contact with Air Animal to the pet’s safe arrival at its new home, clients expect responsive, attentive service. To expedite contact with a prospect – and avoid duplicate efforts among the team – Air Animal had to move beyond its outdated, manual method of logging incoming queries.

    As leads came in via phone or email, the Air Animal team handwrote the details on different colored intake sheets depending on the type of move, such as domestic or international. Without a centralized repository for leads, follow-up was delayed and everyone on the team was unsure whether someone else had contacted a lead.

    “When three of us provided quotes to the same prospect, we knew we had to make a change,” said Dr. Walter Woolf, owner and founder of Air Animal Pet Movers.


    Air Animal brought in GoldMine Premium Edition to track every interaction with clients, from start to finish. With the solution, the company modernized its entire customer lifecycle, from sales to invoicing.

    “GoldMine offered prospecting and contact management capabilities we needed in an application that’s easy for the staff to learn and use,” Woolf said.


    When prospects click on “I’m Ready for an Estimate” on the Air Animal website, they are taken to an online form to capture details of their needs. Those fields match up with GoldMine, and immediately create a new contact record in the CRM application.

    Fields such as the prospect’s location, type of move (personal, corporate, government) and how he or she heard about Air Animal direct the lead to the appropriate team member. It’s a seamless process that eliminates most manual entry associated with sales, helping the business follow-up with prospects sooner and personalize the conversation.

    Air Animal also cut repeated data entry across multiple programs. And next with the impending addition of QuoteWerks integrated with GoldMine, the company will be able to convert quotes into clients and bring the customer’s contact information and quoted price into its QuickBooks accounting software for faster invoicing.

    “With GoldMine, we cut down a significant number of time-wasting moments and reduced data errors,” Woolf said. “Data is entered once, distributed across the various places where we need it, and everyone in the office knows where a client is in the move process.”

    GoldMine also keeps relocation specialists on track with the many details involved in every pet move. Specialists ensure all tasks are completed, from scheduling flights to arranging pet boarding to lining up required international documents. The company sets reminder alerts to ensure on-time project completion.

    Air Animal keeps necessary documents connected to contact records as well as the names and contact information for the vendors assisting in the move. With 10 custom templates in GoldMine, the business launches personalized communications to clients – such as thank-you emails – with names and other data filled in pre-defined fields.

    When Woolf is out of the office, he uses his iPad with GoldMine Mobile to keep up with jobs, and any updates he makes immediately synch with the main office.

    Woolf credits GoldMine with enabling fast turnaround on new inquiries. “Instead of taking three to four days to respond, we proactively respond to most inquiries in 24 hours,” commented Woolf.

    Last year, Air Animal reported its best sales in more than three decades, and this year, projects it will top that by 10 percent. While Woolf and his experienced team are the friendly faces and voices making moves happen, they rely on GoldMine to ensure they never miss a step.

    “GoldMine has exceeded our expectations and is instrumental to our company’s success,” Woolf said.