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    “GoldMine has allowed us to move beyond using our CRM as nothing more than a shared electronic rolodex.”

    Michael Rader,
    Director of Information Technology

    An Updated Solution for Better Opportunities


    Since 1988 Univenture has been manufacturing innovative media packaging solutions for corporate customers in the United States and abroad. Univenture is not only known for its global presence in media manufacturing but they are also consistently recognized for their innovation and commitment to developing products that are environmentally friendly.


    Univenture was in need of an updated CRM solution that could connect to their accounting and manufacturing systems. At the time their current CRM solution was not able to handle this connection which caused the search for a new solution.

    “Our sales staff is now spending more time interacting with customers and prospects that ever before because of the capabilities of GoldMine.” – Michael Rader


    During their search for a CRM solution that could handle their other operating systems, Univenture met UpCurve Cloud and learned exactly what GoldMine could accomplish for their company. UpCurve Cloud handled all the implementation and data migration from Univenture’s older CRM solution and was able to get the entire process done in a timely manner. Since transitioning to GoldMine, Univentire has seen multiple benefits from their new CRM solution including:

    • The sales staff now has access to manufacturing and accounting information direct from GoldMine.
    • They are able to complete all of their quoting through the GoldMine Add-on QuoteWerks.
    • All members of the sales staff can access and utilize GoldMine through their smart phones via the Goldmine Add-on wMobile.
    • The ability to quickly recall all e-mail communication with customers and prospects due to the history feature with GoldMine.
    • Avoiding scheduling conflicts due to the automatic scheduling done by the Automated Processes tab featured in GoldMine.