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    Prime Distributing Co.

    “…It was a big project for us, but we finally got it done!”

    Carole Booth,

    Up and Running with GoldMine CRM


    Prime Distributing is a franchised distributor for over 50 lines of electronic equipment and supplies specializing in the support of leading edge IC design, test/burn-in and development. They distinguish themselves by offering a unique mix of top-selling prototyping hardware plus lab support and equipment. Prime Distributing has been operating out of their office and warehouse just north of Dallas, Texas since 1972.


    Prime Distributing has been a user of the CRM software GoldMine for 10 years and accordingly has upgraded the software to meet their needs when new releases become available. As with each new GoldMine version released they had often encountered support issues, Prime Distributing became dissatisfied with their previous Solutions Partner and decided to go for a new one.


    Prime Distributing changed their Solutions Partner to UpCurve Cloud and began on a support basis. When FrontRange Solutions released GoldMine Premium Edition 9.0 Prime Distributing felt confident in their relationship with UpCurve Cloud and began the process to upgrade. UpCurve Cloud ensured that Prime Distributing had all of the knowledge to make their transition as smooth as possible including making sure Prime Distributing completed the purchase of all the correct equipment and was aware of all compatible software to this GoldMine edition. At the end of the transition Prime Distributing was up and running on GoldMine Premium Edition 9.0.