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G Suite for Retail Businesses

Collaborate Seamlessly to Reach Your Customers Faster

Whether you sell fashion, food, or furniture, bring new products to market faster through tighter collaboration and better task management

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Work Together

Share and collaborate on product designs, mock-ups, quality guidelines and KPIs in a secure Google Drive workspace.

Keep Track

Manage activities with a shared task list in Google Sheets or a team calendar in Google Calendar.


Meet with suppliers anytime using Google Hangouts for live video conferencing.

Manage Your Store or Restaurant Operations From Anywhere Using a Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone

Store all your product launch videos, marketing campaigns, promotions, and store policies and procedures in Drive, then access them through Google Sites.

Conduct live online trainings for multiple locations at once using Google Hangouts, then make the recording available on-demand.

Create a self-service training portal for employees across all locations and shifts.

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Recruit, Interview and Onboard New Employees Quickly and Easily

Speed up the hiring process to improve your bottom line, even during times of high employee turnover.

Have candidates apply for positions using Google Forms, then interview them from anywhere using Hangouts.

Streamline onboarding by putting all new-employee checklists and tasks on a single Google Sites website.

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Securely Create and Manage New Marketing Material and Digital Brand Assets With Your Partners

Collaborate easily and securely with external agencies and vendors by using Drive to sync shared content to the cloud in real time.

Manage images, logos, videos and rich-media assets across every retail channel and with your agencies.

Create and distribute catalogs, or publish lookbooks for your latest product lines.

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Make It Easy for Employees to Find Everything Important in One Place

Store all your files in Drive so you can easily link to the latest versions.

Create a single Sites website that shares internal news and blog posts and links to your project schedules, product documents, promotional materials, online forms and training content.

Give access to all employees, or just a select group.

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"G Suite is helping us break down our geographical barriers and work together quickly, from anywhere."
Mike Heim CIO, Whirlpool
"With Google's G Suite Business, we quickly became more productive and efficient. I found myself simply getting more done."
Samir Patel CEO, Oxyhealth

G Suite starting from $5 per user per month