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Act-On makes agency-life easier by letting you focus on strategy, creative and clients, not the technology that powers your programs.

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Managed Service Agency Partners

Act-On makes it easy to manage marketing automation on behalf of clients and perform marketing services that are essential to their success.

  • Managed Service - Use the Act-On platform to deploy marketing campaigns on behalf of your clients.  Act-On helps agencies be more productive, profitable, and easily create automated programs that keep clients coming back.
  • Refferal -  Get paid when you help clients navigate the fast-paced marketing technology landscape. Receive 10% fee on every deal that you refer, and requires no up-front investment or fees.
  • Select Referral - The Select Referral Program takes a hands-on approach to helping partners grow their business. In addition to increased margins, you’ll get additional training and resources and direct support from Act-On's channel team.
  • Reseller - In addition to highest revenue share on deals, Resellers get all the resources from the channel team and more. Receive extensive training and support while growing your business to its greatest potential.

Streamline Account Management with Agency Dashboard

Manually tracking and managing multiple technology accounts can waste valuable time and reduce profit margins.

Act-On’s Agency Control Panel makes it easy to manage multiple clients and share assets, templates, and even automation programs across client accounts. Save time, drive up profit, and make an impact quickly for clients.

The Agency Dashboard Advantage

Combine Act-On’s flexible marketing technology platform with your creative and strategic services to deliver more value to your clients, faster.

  • Streamline Account Management with simplified, centralized login for managing multiple client accounts
  • Create Flexible Teams by assigning and reassigning account managers and creatives on the fly
  • Maximize Your Assets by sharing content and digital executions across accounts.

Prove Value to Clients with Ease

With easy-to-understand dashboards and analytics reports, you can keep clients informed about campaign performance and keep your team focused on the activities that move the dial. Improve communication with clients – and among your teams – with custom reports that show the metrics that matter. Act-On helps you prove concrete return on your client’s investment, so that your services become indispensable to their success.

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Grow Your Agency with Scalable Marketing Automation

The Managed Service Partner Program is designed to help you build a revenue stream around marketing automation by combining Act-On’s simple, cost-effective platform with your own set of services. You’ll get measurable results through a complete set of tools for inbound and outbound marketing.