Online Giving is on the Rise

Is Your Nonprofit Capitalizing on This Digital Trend?

Here’s why it should:

  • Online revenue is up thanks to a 16.6% increase in web traffic and a 32% increase in monthly giving.
  • Nonprofits received $0.61 per website visitor.
  • Forty bucks and 29 actions. That’s how much money you’ll raise and the number of actions your supporters will take for every 1,000 fundraising and advocacy messages you send.
  • About three quarters of nonprofits are investing in paid marketing online, including paid search, retargeting, and text and display ads. And many organizations are investing big bucks – 16% spent $100,000 or more in paid search alone last year.

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Grow Deeper Relationships with Donors

With the right drip and nurture campaigns in place, nonprofits can deepen and expand their outreach tenfold  –  sowing seeds for lasting donor relationships, and keeping donors engaged until the moment they’re ready to give.

With Act-On’s Website Visitor Tracking tool, nonprofits can drill into their donors’ interests and behaviors to deliver targeted communications and a more personalized experience.

Target Your Campaigns and Create Lasting Engagements

With Act-On’s drip email marketing capability, nonprofits can automate the engagement with their donors, staying top-of-mind until they are ready to donate again.

Your pipeline is your lifeline – Look to automate the ongoing engagement and communication with donors.

With Act-On You Can Also:

  • Manage invites, registration lists, and email communication for galas and fundraising events.
  • Create and deliver monthly newsletters that are intuitive and responsive.
  • Track fundraising performance by campaign with targeted follow up.

...and more.