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The face of sports marketing has changed and your fans want to engage with personalized content across channels, made accessible to them on-demand and from any device.

Let Act-On Marketing Automation help you.

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Better Understand Your Fans

Let your website do the talking; learn who your visitors are and what they are engaging with using Act-On’s website visitor tracking.

Sell More Tickets

Stop competing with the couch; personalize email and content that will get visitors engaged using Act-On’s advanced list segmentation feature, and nurture fans using automated drip programs. 

Keep Season Ticket Holders Coming Back

Act-On’s out-of-the-box integration with all major CRMs, including Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce, allows you to pull in customer data to offer a more customized fan experience – anything from team apparel purchases to attendance at specific games and VIP events. Keep your loyal ticket holders happy with personalized incentives and giveaways.

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Create Super Fans

Maximize the voice of your fans by giving them power and accessibility to your league, coaches, and athletes across social media, email, fan sites and websites.