Migrating From Office 365 to G Suite by Google Cloud

As a business consulting company was looking to offer Google products and services to their client base, they decided to switch their collaboration software - from Office 365 to G Suite by Google Cloud.

G Suite Team Drives

The company implemented G Suite in multiple steps:

  • They selected a small group of employees to be early adopters that would get used to the platform and generate hype for the software throughout the company
  • Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides were among the first apps to get enabled within the company because the early adopter group uses a large number of files and documents on a daily basis
  • The organization started the switch from Outlook to Gmail - but enabled their employees to have access to both temporarily, so the transition wouldn't be as abrupt
  • Access to Outlook and every other Office 365 app was disabled, and the company fully adopted G Suite

Since the migration process was not done overnight, the company's employees were already used to using G Suite by the time the process was complete which helped with a faster adoption rate and overall satisfaction with the new software.

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