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Marketing automation is a powerful engine for building brand awareness, driving demand, and expanding customer relationships. And using it to cultivate new customers and keeping existing ones is a team effort. Sales, marketing, and customer service all have a role to play.

All of these teams have a rich universe of web-based technologies that support their day-to-day efforts —  everything from content management systems, to sales force automation, to social media apps.

Act-On Anywhere seamlessly integrates with all of these technologies so that no matter where you’re working, you’ll have the power of Act-On at your fingertips.

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Content Authoring

As you work in your favorite content publishing tools like WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla, you’ll still have quick access to images, links, and forms stored in Act-On. Use any web-based CMS to embed calls-to-action in a website page using images, landing pages and forms from the Act-On media library.

Social Publishing

Use the same content assist functionality on any web-based social publishing platform. Whether you’re publishing directly on Twitter, or using an aggregator like Hootsuite, you’ll be able to pull multimedia and links from the Act-On media library directly into a post or comment.

SEO Auditing

Access Act-On’s powerful SEO functionality right from the web browser to optimize content while creating it. You can run SEO audits on any web page, on the fly, and get immediate access to action-oriented SEO reports.

Act-On Insight, Right in Your CRM

Sales people work within their CRM, and they don’t need another login to remember. Pair Act-On Anywhere with any web-based CRM to get an immediate view of a contact’s full engagement timeline, including website visits, emails opened, webinars attended, and assets downloaded. Act-On Anywhere provides the intelligence sales needs to convert the contact into a customer.

LinkedIn Prospecting

Prospecting on LinkedIn or on another website? Get an engagement timeline for any contact you find online. Act-On Anywhere searches for email addresses on the pages you browse, and pulls up an activity history showing any prior interaction they might have already had with your business. You’ll see everything from web page visits to email opens, and get a more complete picture of that prospect.

Act-On Integration for Gmail

Better Gmail Communication

Using Gmail for day-to-day sales communications? Optimize interactions on Gmail by using Act-On’s pre-built email templates within the mail app. You can also opt-in your communications for tracking, and get alerted when a prospect interacts with your email.

Seamless Outlook Integration

Integrating Act-On Anywhere with Outlook helps sales and support optimize interactions with customers. Outlook users can access Act-On email templates, opt-in communications for tracking, and receive alerts when a prospect or customer interacts with the email. Act-On works seamlessly with Outlook and other apps in the Microsoft ecosystem.