Adaptive Forms

Adaptive Forms That Work For You, Not Against You

Forms are more than just a way to capture leads. They’re also an opportunity to build relationships – a chance to show your buyers that you understand their individual needs and preferences, and you’re committed to offering content that reflects that.

Act-On’s Adaptive Forms lets you take these this individualized engagements further, for smarter marketing and more targeted communications.

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Automated program

Built for Personalized Engagement

Act-On's Adaptive Rules Engine makes it easy to create form fields that adapt in real-time, with conditional logic to further personalize your visitors’ experience and maximize conversions.

Automated program

Point-and-Click Simplicity

Take advantage of Act-On's drag and drop elements to create and customize forms, questionnaires, and surveys.

Never Start from Scratch

Launch forms quickly with the help of free, pre-designed templates.

Smart Questions for Better Customer Data

Progressive profiling technology can help you minimize your form fields to not only increase conversions, but build your customer data over time by asking for only new information each time they visit.

Made for Mobile

Built-in responsive design makes sure your visitors have a consistent experience on any device.

Your Brand, Matched Perfectly

There’s no need to know HTML or CSS in order to create a fully customized design that matches your brand guidelines – Act-On's flexible editor gives you all the tools you need to match font, color, sizing, and more.