Advanced Social Media Module

Segment, score and nurture prospects based on their social activity.

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Advanced Social Publishing

Act-On’s advanced social publishing allows you to create, curate, and schedule your content in advance. Act-On then automatically publishes your content based on your targeted schedule for Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. This freedom allows you to better coordinate your social media activities with your other brand, demand, and nurture campaigns.

Social Analytics

Act-On’s Advanced Social Media Module features an easy-to-understand analytics dashboard, where you can see how your social media marketing efforts are driving leads and conversions. You’ll be able to track acquisitions, engagement, audience, content, and advocacy.

Content Curation

With the Act-On built-in content curation engine, you’ll get additional content recommendations based on your audience’s engagement with what you’ve been sharing. The more engagement a post generates – clicks, comments, likes, and conversions – the more the engine will deliver you similar content to share.

Social Advocacy

Through the Act-On social advocacy dashboard, you can empower your employees to become social advocates and brand ambassadors. This will help extend your reach and amplify your messaging. The platform gives you the option to gamify the program, so you can track clicks and shares generated by each team member and reward your best brand ambassadors.

Social Care

As more people turn to social media for questions and support, it’s critical for businesses to provide a timely response with quality information. With Social Care, your social media team can field inquiries from all of your social networks and assign them to the appropriate team member for a response. Allowing you to efficiently provide a high quality customer experience, which creates positive brand perception.

Roles and Permissions

Act-On allows you to easily manage cross-functional roles with the Advanced Social Media Module. You will be able to assign team members to selected campaigns and social profiles, allow them to be a publisher, or just work behind-the-scenes.