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    Outbound Marketing

    The Next Gen of Demand Gen

    Modern outbound marketing uses both traditional and emerging tactics to reach out to consumers and spread the word about your brand, products, and services. In the digital world, outbound methods include email, sales calls, display ads, videos, on-demand training, and more.

    Generating demand for a new product or tapping into a new market segment doesn’t usually happen on its own. By communicating “out,” marketers can quickly establish brand visibility to a broad spectrum of consumers, as well as send targeted messages to prospective buyers and current customers. This makes outbound marketing the perfect complement to inbound marketing and foundational to the modern marketing mix.

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    Enjoy Versatility Across the Funnel

    Act-On gives marketers everything they need to take full advantage of outbound marketing techniques.

    • Create broad brand awareness
    • Educate, inform, and delight consumers
    • Start conversations with prospective buyers
    • Generate qualified leads
    • Nurture leads through the funnel
    • Call at the right time with the right message
    • Convert leads into sales
    • Cross-sell and upsell
    • Maintain and sustain long-term customer relationships

    Showcase Your Personality and Drive Engagement with Events & Webinars

    Webinars and events give brands amazing flexibility to reach audiences of all types – broad or niche, consumer or customer, partner or client, fellow traveler or reseller, executive staff or worker bee.

    The opportunities are limited only by your imagination, and Act-On’s webinar and event management tools can make them all happen. From planning to executing to following up, Act-On’s easy interface and turnkey integrations with both WebEx and Citrix let you plan your entire event in minutes.

    Automated program

    Supercharge the Sales Process with Email

    Act-On makes it easy to harness the power of this digital medium, from simple email campaigns to highly complex automated nurture programs. With Act-On, you can use email to establish awareness, deliver value, build trust, and drive commerce. Here’s a sampling of what’s possible:

    • Create and launch professional, responsive email campaigns in minutes with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface – no HTML skills needed
    • Boost interest and engagement with messages that resonate – personalization, list segmentation, lead scoring, and dynamic content can make it happen
    • Increase conversion by integrating forms and landing pages with your email campaigns
    • Perform A/B tests to identify the best-performing versions before rolling out the full campaign
    • Automate your best messages and campaigns to run on autopilot based on your specific instructions
    • Track and measure performance in real time, from opens and clickthroughs to conversions and closed sales

    Measure your impact

    Act-On’s analytics and reporting tools track and measure your outbound marketing activities, and provide full visibility into campaign performance, pipeline momentum, and revenue impact. With Act-On, you can see how your outreach efforts are performing (by audience, channel, geography, and much more) and even visualize your funnel conversions in a single, real-time view.

    Account-Based Marketing

    Act-On’s Account-Based marketing automation gives you the ability to view, segment, and score your prospects and customers from an account view.

    • Automated Account Views – Account lists and profiles are automatically generated based on the data you already have in your CRM.
    • Account Scoring – Understand the engagement of whole buying teams with account-based scoring.
    • Account Group Views – Create account groups to segment your prospects and customers based on industry, company size, and other firmographic data.
    • Account Nurturing – Nurture accounts, not contacts. Send nurture emails to entire account groups to keep buying teams engaged.