Release Notes

Act-On New Features and Upgrades for October 4, 2017

Released on October 4th, 2017

New Features

Labs Forms: Serve Form with Content Prefill

Going forward, users will have the option to use prefill with Labs Forms. In Classic Forms prefill was limited to using data in the attached list. In this iteration we leverage the beacon list as an additional source of data for relevant fields. For instance, if the form list and beacon list both contain an "Address" field but only the beacon list contains a value, then that will be used for prefill. If both lists contain values for a matching field, then the most recent one will be used. As with Classic Forms, prefill for Labs Forms is enabled via the “Edit Form” section of the Landing Page composer.

Labs Forms: Agency Sharing

In this release, Agency Sharing will be enabled for Beta Forms. Users with Agency accounts will be able to share their forms and associated assets (images, documents, etc.), templates and content fragments with any of their child accounts. Certain types of data (e.g. CRM settings) are not shared from Agency accounts, and need to be populated in the Form from the Child Account. Other types of data, such as CAPTCHA domains, are automatically updated with the CNAME/Account ID of the Child Account.

Labs Forms: Create Landing Page from a Form

Until now there has been no way to add a Labs Form to a Landing Page from the Forms Composer. With this release we’ve added the capability to do so from the Publish tab. When a user selects the “New Landing Page” option they receive a message indicating that they’re entering “Switch Mode” and requiring confirmation to navigate away from the Forms Composer. The user is then routed to the Landing Page composer, where their Form is automatically added to a blank page. Once the Landing Page has been Saved and Closed the user is returned to the Publish tab of the Forms Composer and the page title appears in the “Act-On Landing Pages” listing.


Labs Forms:  Separate Multi-Select Field Values with a Semicolon

The Classic Forms provided an option to separate multivalue submissions with a comma or semicolon. In response to customer requests for this feature, we are adding this capability to Labs Forms. The selection applies only to checkboxes and can be made from the “Edit Combo Block” section of the Design tab. Allowing the option to separate multivalue submissions by semi-colon instead of comma will enable these values to be pushed to Salesforce.

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