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    User-Friendly Reporting, Analysis and Data Management

    MasterMine is the award-winning add-on that makes GoldMine easier to work with in every kind of business. No matter how customized or messed up your database is, it can quickly help you accomplish more with less effort than you thought possible. GoldMine plus MasterMine creates an informational powerhouse out of the CRM system you already have.

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    Why MasterMine?

    Making GoldMine work for you, whether it's re-configuring the workflows or cleaning up the data and configuration you have, doesn't HAVE to turn the company upside-down. MasterMine is a lot easier, cheaper, and more effective than either switching to a new CRM or scrapping the existing database.

    More Than a "Simple" Reporting Tool

    Become a Reporting Hero
    No need to be "techy" in order to use

    Any user can make MasterMine reports, lists, or graphs in seconds, and control formatting and content, without technical assistance. With MasterMine you can save the day with your nifty pivot tables and filtering skills.

    Data Management & Analysis
    Improving your data, improves your results

    With MasterMine, users have access to every area of GoldMine to see what information resides, what is missing, or what needs correcting. With the option MMUpdater add-on you can actually make the changes from within your reports and force them into GoldMine.

    Totally Reuseable
    Reuse and Refresh MasterMine Reports

    Refreshable pivot tables show real-time data from GoldMine, seamlessly to replace the countless hours of Excel exporting, Crystal "programing", dashboard frustrations, and SQL queries. No need to start a new report, just open the report and it will automatically refresh and show your current data.