Scalable, Secure Connections with Okta Identity Cloud

One, complete, integrated service for every type of user, allowing anyone to connect to virutally anything.

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Okta IT Products

The Okta Identity Cloud

Provide secure identity management and single sign-on to any application, whether in the cloud, on-premises or on a mobile device for your employees, partners and customers with Okta.


Enables millions of people to securely connect to tools they need


Scales to meet the needs of any size organization


Allows companies to reinvent themselves and their industries


Enables organizations to focus on top-line business priorities

Single Sign-On

The World Has Changed. Agility is Now Required. Okta is Modern SSO.

  • Always On Single Sign-on
    Reliable integration for SSO to all your web and mobile apps, with a full-featured federation engine and flexible access policy.
  • Customizable User Experience
    One, user-friendly way for end-users to access all their applications, tailored to each device and fully customizable.
  • Secure Directory with Integration
    A flexible and secure user store, integration to AD/LDAP across multiple domains and self-service AD/LDAP password reset.
  • Real-time Security Reporting
    Sophisticated search of real-time system log, with geolocation tracking, pre-built application access reports and integration with SIEMs.
  • User-friendly Authentication
    Secure access for all users with two-factor authentication via Okta Verify OTP, included for all SSO customers.

Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication

Security for all of your applications. Adaptive MFA is the easiest way to secure your users and data.

  • Adaptive Security
    Dynamically adapt security and authentication policies based on user and device context
  • Security without Compromise
    Easy-to-use security for end users, easy to manage for admins
  • Integration with the Entire Organization
    Integration for a broad set of cloud applications and on-premise systems

Lifecycle Management

Automate all lifecycles with any business process for external and internal users.

  • Pre-Integrated Provisioning
    Rich integrations for mastering and provisioning that support coarse-grain to fine-grain management
  • Universal Directory
    Directory and meta-directory, designed for integration to any app or directory, with lifecycle awareness and extensibility
  • Prescriptive Lifecycle Orchestration
    Sophisticated control of identities across lifecycle states with automation through rules, policies, workflows, and APIs for full customization
  • Simple Access Governance
    Identity governance with a focus on access and ease of use that provides account and entitlement reporting with comprehensive data

Universal Directory

One place to manage all your users, groups and devices, mastered in Okta or from any number of sources.

  • Secure Directory with Integration
    One place to manage all your users, groups and devices, mastered in Okta or from any number of sources.
  • Meta-directory
    Integration to any app or directory, with lifecycle awareness and extensibility.

API Access Management

Your custom apps are increasingly modern with an API backend. Secure enterprise data and enable developers to focus on the user experience.

  • OAuth 2.0 API Authorization
    Complete standard-compliant support for OAuth 2.0.
  • Identity-driven Policy Engine
    Control access for any type of user or service in one place.
  • Centralized API Administration
    Create, maintain, and audit API access policies.

Okta Identity Cloud starting from $1 per user per month