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UpCurve Cloud Security Plus

Seamlessly Secure G Suite and Ensure Compliance

UpCurve Cloud Security Plus is an integrated that offers all-round security to organizations using G Suite by Google Cloud. This enables a secure ecosystem by providing granular control and visibility over all the sensitive data in G Suite.

The solution provides IT admins total control of user behavior within the enterprise G Suite through policy controls and sends real-time alerts and notifications in case of any potential breach. 

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Access Control

Data Loss Prevention

Single Sign-On

Identity Management

Access Control

Control user access based on devices, location and much more on all G Suite apps by setting up conditional policies.

  • Browser Restriction: Enable user access from a specific browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, IE, Safari
  • IP Restriction: Restricts user access from undesignated IP addresses by defining designated IP address
  • Login Time Restriction: Enforces users to log on to the domain by pre-defining specific days or hours. Eg: like as- Monday to Friday from 8 A.M. to 5 P.M
  • Device Restriction: Restricts users from accessing corporate data from any other devices apart from their pre-defined device
  • Geo-Fencing / Geo Restrictor: Defines a virtual boundary around a real-world geographical area and triggers an alert when a user tries to access data from elsewhere

Data Loss Prevention

Ensure that your end users do not send sensitive information outside the corporate network. DLP policies settings protect sensitive data leakage at any point of time by blocking. This includes:

  • Easy creation of DLP policies for cloud applications
  • Out of the box compliance check for PII, PCI, PHI, and many others
  • IT alerts like any kind of Application
  • Block users from uploading / downloading files from Google Drive
  • Track users uploading / downloading files from Google Drive
  • Block / Track users from unauthorized file sharing

Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On (SSO) offers one click access to all of your cloud applications with a single ID and password.

  • SAML: Provides single point access, to all apps from predefined access
  • Add multiple users to single access for easy IT monitoring
  • Provisioning/De-provisioning for cloud apps

Identity Management

Identify, manage and control user identities across the entire system. Secure user identities by setting up policies.

  • Easy Implementation of password policies
  • Self Password Management
  • Supports Multi factor authentication
  • Supports Biometric authentication
  • Integrates with Microsoft Active Directory as Identity Provider (IdP)

Consumer Gmail Block

Ensure that your users do not access their personal Gmail account at work by applying Consumer Gmail Block.

  • Block users to access their personal Gmail account
  • Auto logout when detected that user is logged in to personal gmail
  • Notification to Admin or Manager about the access
  • Policy based roll out

Shared Drive

Simple document sharing with your team. Shared Drive helps save user’s drive space and get rid of duplicate content, multiple iterations while you work. Save individual drive space, while you give access to all the desired users.

  • Save drive space and increase efficiency
  • Admin can change ownership or move folders inside Shared Drive
  • Inherit folder permission from parent
  • Helps to manage drive space properly

Email Signature

Create instant brand recognition for your company with Email Signature by UpCurve Cloud. No need of those expensive Email Signature software, UpCurve Cloud helps organizations create a unified and professional Email Signature that expresses higher level of legitimacy to the outsiders.

  • Choose from pre-designed templates
  • Select from multiple Standard fields like – Name, designation, website, address, etc.
  • Create Custom fields as required, like Employee ID, link to LinkedIn, etc.
  • Integrate the Email Signature with the user identity in the admin panel
  • Can be applied to all users, OUs or a single user

Value Add-Ons

Customized Value Add-Ons adds functionality to your G Suite business subscription. Communicate your company vision, mission, values and corporate strategy to employees.

  • Custom Login page
  • Employer Branding
  • Broadcast announcement company wide
  • Acceptance of agreement and policies
"By giving employees the tools they're already familiar with, they're able to adapt quickly and jump right into their jobs without worrying about how to set up a meeting with Calendar or share a Doc with their teammates."
Mike Salguero CEO, Custom Made
"Our adoption has increased by 300% and the migration executed by UpCurve Cloud was flawless!"
Karl Anderson President, Teco Pneumatic

UpCurve Cloud Security Plus starting from $3 per user per month