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    Increase Your Organization's Productivity With Google's Advanced Machine Learning

    Capture and measure accurate real time data about your sales team’s productivity and engagement.

    Prodoscore provides deep visibility to your daily workflow that helps you continuously improve your sales process for your whole team.

    Using Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Machine Learning, Prodoscore ensures the highest-quality data and security.

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    How Prodoscore Works

    Google Drive
    Prodoscore will track the docs created by your reps.

    Google Calendar
    Prodoscore will track the calendar events created by your reps.

    Prodoscore will integrate with your CRM to track activity count of record updates.

    Voice Calls
    Prodoscore will automatically track your reps’ time spent talking on the phone.

    Prodoscore will track count of emails sent and received.

    Google Hangouts
    Prodoscore will track your reps’ chat time between colleagues and time spent on video calls.

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