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RingCentral Integration

Prodoscore Integration for RingCentral

Learn how Prodoscore integrates with the phone system, RingCentral, and the data you gain from this integration. Prodoscore will also track time spent on phone calls and count them in the Prodoscore for the day.

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See Productivity from RingCentral

First, your Prodoscore Admin will need to connect RingCentral to your Prodoscore account. Note they will also need access to your Ring Central Admin credentials to do so.

Go to settings, then Products, then Phone System.

Authenticate with RingCentral

When the user clicks on the ‘Authenticate with RingCentral’ button, a RingCentral authentication window will open in a pop up.

Connect to the Phone System

The User must enter the admin phone number and password and click on the ‘Sign In’ button. The access request pop up window will open and user must authorize necessary privileges.

Once valid credentials are taken in and verified, the user will be notified with a success message. Below, you will see a table which will have all the usernames of the organization along with the roles.

After your phone system is connected, you can go to an employee’s page to see their phone calls for a certain day. Click to see details for the phone calls.

Prodoscore starting from $10 per user per month