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SugarCRM Integration

Prodoscore Integration for SugarCRM

See how Prodoscore integrates with SugarCRM, and the data you gain from this integration.  Prodoscore will also track time spent on SugarCRM activities and count them in the Prodoscore for the day.

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See Productivity from SugarCRM

Note that you will need to be both a Prodoscore and SugarCRM admin for setting up the integration.

First your Prodoscore Admin will need to connect SugarCRM to your Prodoscore account.

Go to settings, then CRM settings, then change credentials.

Add Your Consumer Key

Select SugarCRM, and then enter your SugarCRM instance and admin information. You will also need to add your Consumer Key. Click on the “Click here for instructions” to be guided through this process. Afterwards, click Save Changes.

Select your modules, and click save changes.

Automatically Match Your CRM and Prodoscore Employees

Your CRM and Prodoscore employees should then be matched automatically, but they can also be assigned with the drop down menu.

Viewing SugarCRM Data in Prodoscore

After your CRM is connected, you can go to an employee’s page to see their CRM events, CRM tasks, CRM leads, CRM invoices, and CRM conversions for a specific day.

  • If you click CRM events, you’ll see a list of event titles. When you click on a title, Duration, Description and Event owner can be seen.
  • CRM task details are similar. Click at the top and you’ll be taken to a list of tasks, and can then drill down into task details.
  • Click CRM leads, and you’ll see new leads added that day. Click on the lead to see more details.
  • If you send invoices through your CRM, you can also click to see CRM invoices you sent and you can also click to see CRM conversions for the day.

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