Capture & Measure Accurate Real-Time Data with Prodoscore

Prodoscore provides a simple score to improve your sales process, machine learning for discovering new opportunities, and personalized consulting to help you reach the full potential of your software and sales team.

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Prodoscore Solutions


Track activity in the applications that are essential for your business to succeed. Help monitor if employees are moving into a new system such as G Suite and making the most of the tools they’ve been provided.

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HR Metrics

Give HR metrics with early warnings about at risk-employees and low engagement issues. Your HR team will have the means they need to report on employee productivity and make informed decisions.

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Remote Working

Remote Working options are an essential part of the modern office. With Prodoscore, remote workers can have confidence that their effort is seen and appreciated and management can be confident that everything is getting done.

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Sales Management

Prodoscore provides deep visibility to your daily workflow that helps you continuously improve your sales process for your whole team, and its machine learning surfaces new opportunities you may have missed. Copy the behaviors of your top performers and make the whole team sales superstars.

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Worker Productivity

Measure how much of your time is spent on different tools and tasks, so you can learn where you need to improve. By monitoring activity, you can avoid productivity dips and figure out which actions matter most.

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Machine Learning

Prodoscore's Machine Learning engine, Correlations, helps you find the areas where you can improve and discovers what’s important for your team to be doing before anyone else would normally be able to see it. Find exactly where to coach your employees for improvements.

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Proactive Coaching

Prodoscore's insights provide the opportunity for Proactive Coaching. Instead of waiting until the end of the quarter to discover and solve employee issues, you can see who is struggling and help them right away.​

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Prodoscore starting from $10 per user per month