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Prodoscore provides a simple score to improve your sales process, machine learning for discovering new opportunities, and personalized consulting to help you reach the full potential of your software and sales team.

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HR Metrics

Detailed HR Metrics

Give HR metrics with early warnings about at risk-employees and low engagement issues. Your HR team will have the means they need to report on employee productivity and make informed decisions.

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Gain Insight into HR Operations

With Prodoscore, your HR team will be able to see the impact of training over time, which employees are at risk of turnover, and how the overall health of the organization is.

After a training sessions is complete, you'll be able to see the impact it has had on employees and their productivity to know if you were effective or if you need to readjust your methods.

You'll also be able to see when employees are experiencing a drop-off in productivity and may need extra coaching or assistance. You can monitor the health of your organization and stop issues before they become serious.

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"We were able to go in and see exactly what was happening on low productivity days and see if particular people weren’t using Salesforce as much others, and then deal with those issues directly."
Pip Witheridge CEO, Grove Group
"I got to know exactly what they doing with their work hours and could see who was performing well and who was doing poorly and try and help those who needed it to do more follow-ups."
Debasish Pramanik CEO, Cloud Codes

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