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Prodoscore provides a simple score to improve your sales process, machine learning for discovering new opportunities, and personalized consulting to help you reach the full potential of your software and sales team.

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Remote Working

Enable Remote Working

Remote Working options are an essential part of the modern office. With Prodoscore, remote workers can have confidence that their effort is seen and appreciated and management can be confident that everything is getting done.

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Work From Anywhere

Management is afraid of remote workers not being as productive as in-office workers. Remote workers are scared of not having their effort acknowledged if they're not in the office.

With Prodoscore, both groups can be confident that the productivity of remote workers will be seen and acknowledged.

Prodoscore helps you become confident in your remote workers.

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"We were able to go in and see exactly what was happening on low productivity days and see if particular people weren’t using Salesforce as much others, and then deal with those issues directly."
Pip Witheridge CEO, Grove Group
"I got to know exactly what they doing with their work hours and could see who was performing well and who was doing poorly and try and help those who needed it to do more follow-ups."
Debasish Pramanik CEO, Cloud Codes

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