ProsperWorks, the #1 CRM for G Suite by Google Cloud

The only CRM built for Google, used by Google and recommended by Google. If you can use Gmail, you’ll know how to use ProsperWorks.

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Actual Easy to Use CRM

ProsperWorks was built so you’d love using it as much as you love the apps you use at home. Every aspect of CRM is intuitive, so it’s easy to manage tasks, follow up with leads and close deals.

The G Suite #1 CRM recommended by Google, is embedded into your email, customizable to any workflow, and requires no training.

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The #1 CRM for G Suite

ProsperWorks is embedded into Gmail so you can update opportunities, add contacts, get account histories, and manage your pipeline right from your inbox. The integration is so effortless, you’re up and running in hours - not months.

Designed Like Google

ProsperWorks was built using Google’s material design principles so it looks and feels exactly like G Suite. This simple, clean, and beautiful interface makes navigating ProsperWorks easy and familiar. If you know how to use Gmail, you’ll know how to use ProsperWorks.

Put Your CRM Right in Your Inbox

ProsperWorks fits right into your email so once you download the Gmail or Inbox Chrome Extension, you never have to leave your inbox.

  • Add a contact without touching your keyboard
  • Track when emails are opened and viewed in real-time
  • See recent activity from your inbox

Get Updates on Leads and Opportunities in Hangouts

ProsperWorks has a seamless integration with Hangouts Chat that ensures you’ll never miss a beat on activity happening on your contacts and accounts.

You’ll be notified of critical changes made to Leads and Opportunities you’re working, so you can ensure everything is moving forward.

Build Any Custom Report You Want

Export any dataset from ProsperWorks directly to Google Sheets and create advanced dashboards, reports, charts and graphs collaboratively with your team.

ProsperWorks starting at $19 per user per month