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    The same great Collabspot Features, now for Office 365!

    Office 365 Perfectly Integrated With Sugar

    You’re a sales rockstar who uses Collabspot for Gmail to maximize your productivity. You efficiently add contacts and sync emails to your CRM while Collabspot automatically syncs your Calendar and contacts. That is until your company switches from Gmail to Microsoft Office and POOF! There goes your status as a sales rockstar.

    Don’t lose another second of sleep worrying about your Collabspot extension because now we’re available on Office 365! Collabspot for Office 365 offers the same great core features including complete access to Sugar from Office 365, email syncing, contact syncing, and the ability to edit any Sugar record.

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    Features at a Glance

    Access Sugar Inside Outlook

    Stop copying and pasting between Outlook and Sugar and save 5+ hours per week by bringing Sugar into Outlook.

    Simplify Data Entry 

    Archive emails to Sugar, edit any Sugar record from inside Outlook, and automatically sync your calendar and contacts so your data in Sugar will always be up to date.

    Boost CRM Adoption

    Let your sales reps access Sugar from where they work the most, and watch as they finally start to use your CRM.

    Explore Collabspot: Sugar in Office 365 Features

    Starting from $9 per month