Linked Document Access

wMobile provides easy access to any document linked to the GoldMine CRM contact record.

Activity Management

wMobile allows you to quickly review, update, add and complete activities with immediate update of your GoldMine database.

Activities appear in both list and calendar format. You can edit, reschedule, complete and review activities quickly from the list.

Dashboard Reporting & Metrics

Dashboards are available in both Phone and Desktop versions, displaying information on Pending and History activities. Key metrics such as calls, meetings, and sales completed and emails processed are viewable for individuals and teams based on security rights.

In the Desktop version, drill-down capability gives users a method to bring up lists of past due activities, today’s scheduled appointments, this month’s forecasted sales, closed sales for the month, new contacts, etc. Activities can be edited, completed, or deleted (depending on user permissions) from the resulting list. 

wMobile supports access to Crystal Reports on the phone and desktop web client.

Real Time Data

Information updated on a wMobile device is immediately applied to your GoldMine system without the need for data replication, such as contact updates, completed activities, etc. These are immediately available to other users in GoldMine or on wMobile Phone or Desktop.

wMobile starting from $295 ($59 for maintenance)