Optimizing workplace productivity is an ongoing task for organizations. A study by Forbes outlines that employees lose a tremendous amount of time working on tasks that are necessary to perform but don’t contribute to productivity. G Suite is turning out to be an easy-to-use solution for managers and executives to eliminate time spent on menial tasks. 

Here’s how G Suite helps companies increase workplace productivity and eliminate inefficiencies:

1. Amplify Workplace Productivity 

AI and machine learning are helping organizations enhance workplace productivity. According to research by Google, employees spend only 5% of their time doing productive tasks and the rest of their time on other administrative activities. G Suite’s artificial intelligence and machine learning tools operate as personal assistants for employees. G Suite servers offer several benefits from scheduling a meeting in Google Calendar to suggested responses on Gmail and collaborating on Google Docs and Google Sheets at the same time to save time.  

2. Access Files Faster through Drive & Vault

Employees spend almost 2.5 hours a day searching for information. That’s too much to achieve corporate success. G Suite’s Drive and Vault file repository features make it easier for employees to access data anywhere and at any time. They can assess the most recent version of every file as well as it eliminates searching through endless email threads and folders on their local machines. You can also manage the storage and share permissions. 

You can edit the saved files on Drive while Vault is used to store the final copy securely. You can easily search for specific files using the search function. 

3. Break Down Geographic Barriers on Hangouts

Here’s an interesting fact for all the businesses - business travel is expected to cost $1.6 trillion in 2020. Organizations have already started taking a proactive approach to streamlining face-to-face meetings without spending a hefty budget on travel allowance. Hangouts by G Suite allows you to make video conferencing to have a real-time discussion remotely. Hangout meetings have helped organizations save time, effort, and expenses spent on meetings away from the office. As a Google Cloud Primer Partner, we often find this feature as one of the primary reasons businesses are migrating to G Suite.  

You can share the screen, record conversations for future use, and chat with participants. You can also sync the meetings with Google Calendar to notify and send calendar invites to all the participants. 

4. Edit Files and Collaborate in Real-Time

G Suit enables file edits and team collaboration on Docs, Sheets, and Slides in real-time. It allows the individual to leave comments, and assign an edit to a team member. You can leave suggestions in Google documents so employees can discuss and create the best files possible. This feature is very useful for teams that are working in two different time zones as well as teams sitting at other offices in the same location. 

Final Thoughts

G Suite helps companies become more financially efficient and environmentally friendly by saving time and money, boosting meetings, cutting down on travel costs, and ensuring employees spend more time on productive work. It ultimately improves workplace productivity and drives a higher bottom line. 

Also, you can download all G Suite tools on your mobile, giving employees the freedom to work on-the-go from wherever they are. Want to learn more about how you can leverage G Suite to create a more productive and efficient company? Get a detailed consultation!

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