Healthcare companies including hospitals, healthcare technology companies, and similar organizations. Many of these companies have started adopting modern-day techniques to streamline their internal process and offer a better patient/customer experience. Healthcare organizations are turning to paperless options to help optimize processes, strengthen data security, offer a better customer experience, and ultimately, improve patient care. 

A great resource on the subject comes from Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS), who issue an annual report that evaluates hospitals based on their Electronic Medical Record capabilities. The findings of this report encourage businesses to go paperless. For those looking to do so, Google G-Suite is a great option, helping those in the healthcare domain save millions in annual healthcare costs in many ways. Here are a few:

Accessing From Anywhere

G-Suite’s cloud-native apps like Gmail and Docs have helped employees in healthcare orgs securely access email and documents from anywhere and any device. Since they can access emails and files from their phone, they no longer need to depend on the files saved on the physical desktop at the workstation. 

Going Paperless with Real-Time Collaboration

Prior to G-Suite, companies used to rely on an on-premises spreadsheet app and whiteboards to disseminate their team schedules. Team supervisors used to spend a lot of time coordinating these schedules. Fortunately, these teams are now able to manage schedules by sharing their Google Sheets and Calendar to bypass manual scheduling. The best part - these up-to-date online schedules are HIPAA compliant.

Managing Data Security with Insights

Just as companies started adopting G-Suite tools, their IT departments have also benefited from easy-to-use security tools. From the Admin console, admins can stay in control of who sees company data by managing app access (including third-party apps) and devices. The admin console also allows administrators to prevent sensitive data from being shared externally using integrated data loss prevention (DLP).

Saving Thousands of Dollars Through App Consolidation 

G-Suite gives you access to many different apps from one place - including video conferencing through Hangouts, file storage and sharing using Google Drive, Google Docs, and so forth. Through these services, healthcare organizations are able to cut down the cost of vendors they had to rely on for the services. They also save time you spend budgeting, negotiating, and performing security checks on multiple vendors. As G-Suite enables you to eliminate duplicative services, it contributes to saving thousands of dollars. In addition, Google often introduces useful G Suite updates for the business users to improve the user experience.  

Closing Thoughts

As healthcare organizations continue to desire state-of-the-art security, continue to improve mobility, and cut down unnecessary costs, expect to see more organizations make the move to the G-Suite. If you’re interested in learning about other effective ways that healthcare organizations are using Google Cloud to transform healthcare, get a consultation!

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