Good corporate governance sets a company ahead of its competitors, increases consumer confidence, and trickles down to the bottom line, boosting profits and future earnings.

And with Environmental, Social, & Governance (ESG) investing on the rise, it's more important than ever to make sure your organization uses an office platform that supports corporate governance best practices.

Google Workspace is the go-to option for many businesses using apps like Google Vault to secure sensitive data, track and manage board meetings, facilitate real-time collaboration among senior executives, and more.

Top 3 Google tools for good governance

1. Google Workspace Admin

From Google's Admin console, admins can add or delete users, move data, configure security settings, and run audits. This comprehensive, multi-tasking tool is invaluable for corporate secretaries overseeing board operations, meetings, and senior-level communications.

Admins can ensure board members are added as users, getting their company office suite, so they're not relying on personal emails to communicate with colleagues. They can also ring-fence certain content, controlling who can view, share or edit corporate data.

The entire Workspace suite of tools is managed from the admin console – Google Meet, which allows companies to run virtual board meetings from anywhere globally, Google Drive for secure file sharing across departments and teams, and Google Calendar for scheduling board meetings and other events.

In the current climate of remote working, these virtual solutions are ideal for instant collaboration and networking - allowing board members to meet, share, and contribute to meetings in real-time.

If you are a Google Workspace user with administrative access, you can view your admin console by visiting to discover more. 

2. Google Vault

Vault is Google's data storage management app. As the name suggests, it's designed to securely lock away your company content, keeping it safe from unauthorized users. Vault secure component sets it apart from pure storage apps such as DropBox. The integration with your email, documents, and other files in Google Workspace makes it a must-have for any business involved in any form of legal or HR dispute at some point. 

Vault supports good ESG practices by protecting confidential information while making it readily accessible for legal teams and senior-level admin. Features include audit trails to see who's interacting with what and data retention and holds so you can wall off certain materials from specific teams or users.

Chasing down documents can be a huge time-waster and money waster if a law firm is the one performing the chase. With Vault, you can instantly grab what you need using its advanced search functions, even if the data is from a suspended account.

3. Endpoint Management

Given the amount of sensitive financial, legal, and corporate data exposed in your average board meeting, it's no surprise that good ESG practices prioritize security.

And with most meetings now taking place virtually, with members logging on from different locations and devices, shoring up company defenses is more challenging than ever.

Your CEO is reading a sensitive email on his smartphone, the board president logging into a board meeting via her iPad, and the corporate secretary browsing messages concerning valuable company IP from a tablet constitute a severe security risk.

Google's Endpoint Management was designed to tackle this problem by bolstering remote defenses via lock screens, passcodes, and account monitoring – all from the admin console and without installing any software on the user's device.

With Endpoint in place, your company no longer has to worry about device hijacking, lost or stolen phones, or your employees mixing the personal with the professional on company-owned devices.

Pick your Google Workspace plan according to what you need

All of the above apps and features are available to Google Workspace users with a Business account, however, Google Vault and advanced Endpoint are only offered in Business Plus and Enterprise accounts.

As a trusted Google Cloud Premier Partner, UpCurve Cloud can help your business integrate any Google tool into your existing system or get you up and running with the entire Workspace suite. Book a consultation today to see how we can help you build a better governance framework while boosting productivity across the board.

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