When was the last time you cast a critical eye over your company's tech stack? Is it fit for purpose? Are your employees happy with their tools and fully trained to use them? Do you get a good ROI?

Every manager should ask these questions regularly as part of a digital audit. If you're not giving your team the tools they need, their performance will suffer, and they're also likely to become frustrated and unmotivated.

Poor tech, poor performance

In today's increasingly remote working world, the biggest stumbling block for many teams is finding effective ways to communicate and collaborate. Technology should be the answer, but many companies aren't exploiting their digital potential, and they're letting down their employees.

recent report from analysts Corel paints a dismal picture. According to their research, 1 in 4 employees have considered quitting due to poor collaboration, and 70% of those surveyed believe inadequate tools limit productivity and waste time.

Productivity and efficiency should be top of mind for any company, but some are dropping the digital ball because they're relying on haphazard, legacy systems.

Many workplaces are still scrambling to catch up with the huge shifts in the work environment brought on by the pandemic. Having built their systems piecemeal, adding extra capacity as needed, they now find themselves with a chaotic network that's not up to the task of coordinating remote or hybrid workers. 

In an effort to quickly rectify the problem, managers can be tempted to invest in yet more tech, choosing flashy, expensive tools that seem worthwhile but end up barely used. And the Corel report highlighted another common problem - 21% of employees say they haven't been adequately trained to use their company's tools.

Making your tech work for your team

Investing in the right tools is the first step. The second is training your employees to use them. 

When it comes to choosing a tech stack, it's crucial to find a streamlined solution with minimal downtime needed for training. 

UpCurve Cloud has worked with hundreds of businesses across many different industries, and Google Workspace is the preferred choice for many of our client's thanks to its ease of use, customizable features, and a full suite of office tools designed for collaborative teams.

Workspace has a range of cloud-based applications tailormade for remote or hybrid working from Google Docs to Google Meet. The suite combines all the major tools offices need under one umbrella, so users only have to get to know one platform. 

No logging in and out of various applications or downloading dozens of different programs; your workforce will all be working within the same ecosystem for easy file-sharing, conferencing, messaging, and more.

Workspace also easily integrates with third-party applications so if there's software in your stack that's necessary, you can seamlessly weave it into Workspace without any glitches or loss of performance.

If you're unfamiliar with Workspace but are eager to upgrade your tech stack, UpCurve Cloud offers comprehensive training services for staff at all levels. As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, our certified technicians and consultants can help you transition to the cloud without missing a beat. Contact our team today to see how we can help you transform your tech to future-proof your business.

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