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Google Cloud Platform for Retail & Commerce

Unmatched Scale for E-Commerce Operations

Serve a global customer base with industry-leading scale and analytics to personalize your experience.

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Future-Proof Infrastructure

Secure, global, high-performance, cost-effective and constantly improving. We’ve built our cloud for the long haul.

Powerful Data & Analytics

Tap into big data and Google's vast API library including Machine Learning to find answers faster and build better products.

Serverless, Just Code

Grow from prototype to production to planet-scale, without having to think about capacity, reliability or performance.

Intelligent Commerce at Google Scale

Meaningful personalization and reaching the right customers at scale are key challenges facing retailers and brands engaging a modern customer base that is mobile and always connected.

It is now common to see major retail and e-commerce operations running entirely in the cloud. Brands that fall short on intelligent digital distribution quickly see nimble competitors emerge.

Google’s global infrastructure provides unmatched scale to run e-commerce operations alongside advanced analytics to deliver true personalization, with world-class security to protect your business.

Scale to Always-Mobile, Always-Connected Customers

Customers today engage on their own terms. Regardless of device, part of day, or bandwidth, users expect to browse rich imagery and video instantaneously with no lag.

Failing to scale under load and fluctuating usage patterns means missed revenue, lost customers, and damage to brands. Whether you're supporting thousands or tens of millions of customers, Google Cloud Platform scales up efficiently to meet seasonal demand, and scales back automatically when things quiet down.

Achieve Personalization with Google-grade Analytics

Understanding precise purchase flows and history is key to gauging shopper interest, driving engagement, and successful upsell — and more importantly, to building long-term customer relationships.

Logging is just the beginning: modern businesses rely on powerful analytics focused on ease of querying and  speed, all without having to manage any underlying infrastructure.

Analytics at web-scale has been Google’s focus from the early days. Cloud Platform surfaces the same big data and machine learning technology used at Google so you can make blazing-fast queries into anonymized, fine-grained customer behavior to better serve them.

Protect Private Information

Privacy and end-to-end security are critical to customers trusting the shopping experience. Cloud Platform has been validated for compliance with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards (DSS) along with a host of other compliance measures and integrated, pervasive security.

Hosting and operating the most popular digital applications on the Internet, Google is no stranger to security and privacy, making Cloud Platform an ideal place for brands to serve modern shoppers.

Solutions Ready-to-Launch

Explore and manage solutions with just a few clicks using Cloud Launcher, including ready-to-launch e-commerce solutions like Magento.

Speed up your content workflows with CMS software, leverage more efficient developer tools, and manage relationships with CRM solutions.

Meeting You Where You Are

Cloud Platform offers foundational infrastructure and fully managed services to accommodate nearly any e-commerce workload on the Internet today, from compute, storage, to big data analytics. 

Even if you have a significant on-prem footprint today, there are numerous ways tointerconnect your infrastructure with Google’s to make cloud a natural extension of your operations today.

Use Google’s cloud-native services, or mix-and-match with your existing systems to create a hybrid solution that meets you where you are.

"We rely on Google Cloud Platform to do the heavy lifting on data processing and integration so we can focus on what we do best: getting quality groceries to customers in the quickest time possible."
James Donkin General Manager, Ocado Technology
"Our technology strategy boils down to how fast we can empower our engineers to focus on building high-quality, innovative productivity tools. By moving to Google Cloud Platform and using Datadog to improve application monitoring, we can quickly launch new services and features that will help us succeed in a changing market."
Garrett Plasky Technical Operations Manager, Evernote
"With Philips Lighting and Philips Hue, we don’t just sell light bulbs—we sell a way for lighting to change your home and life. We chose Google Cloud Platform to power Philips Hue’s backend because it scales instantly, freeing engineers to work on product development rather than managing infrastructure."
George Yianni Head of Technology, Home Systems, Philips Lighting

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