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Prodoscore integrates with G Suite and your work solutions to measure and score your productivity.

Prodoscore lets you capture and measure company-wide data to comprehend how employee productivity impacts your financial performance. Your whole organization will continuously improve their outcomes as Prodososcore integrates with your other solutions to measure your unique challenges and goals.

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Our team of Prodoscore certified deployment engineers, trainers, and consultants will make sure your transition is smooth and seamless.

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Easily manage a global and remote workforce confidently with a single Northstar metric for your team to follow. No complicated graphs or weird charts. Your Prodoscore is your sign of success.

How It Works

Prodoscore combines all the data from G Suite, your CRM, and telephony with our special sauce of Machine Learning to build a simple visualization of productivity and a single score.


Prodoscore combines with G Suite and all our other unified cloud solutions to help you with adoption, productivity, and growth.

“I got to know exactly what they doing with their work hours and could see who was performing well and who was doing poorly and try and help those who needed it to do more follow-ups.”

Debasish Pramanik
 CEO, Cloud Codes


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